HARPER EXPERTS, S.L.,  has the following principles as basis:

• Total independence in relation to suppliers, builders, manufacturers, etc…
• Being technical experts, who are truly reliable for the client, is a basic condition to be successful in our goals.

The air process treatment in the textile and automotive industries, it is essential to get a good final product quality. For this purpose, the design, calculation and design of the Installations should be performed by experienced technicians and professionals.

We have the technical and material to make these projects and resources making facilities.
Own workshop with machinery.

In the textile industries, the new equipments of the central air conditioning and filtering usually require high capital investment and they are not directly productive.

Nowadays when the investment is one of the most important elements at the moment of realizing a project, we have dedicated a significant part of our company to realize installations, where it is fundamental to re-use equipments of air conditioning, filtration, compaction and pneumatic transport, with the particularity of which they are equipments of occasion. These equipments of occasion are reformed by our operatives, following the directives of our technical personnel, to obtain a considerable saving with regard to an installation with totally new equipments.

All centralized air conditioning installations for textile factories need big stations in order to contain equipments. Building costs are always increasing and in a factory area is a precious good; owing to this, we design a new series of air treatment stations prefabricated and assembled that indisputably constitute a worthwhile and profitable alternative to the building, structures usually adopted for realizing centralized systems. The dimensions of the stations enable an easy road conveyance by conventional means of transport. Apart from the economical benefit constituted by the lower global cost of this system, stations enable their unabridged recovery and reutilization in another location, in the event of future restructures of the production rooms.