About us

HARPER EXPERTS, S.L., Our team is made up of technical experts with more than thirty years of experience in Project Installations air process treatment Engineering in Textile Industries and Automotive Industries mainly. We offer a wide range of multidisciplinary services and have made projects in all the industrial sectors and services and have done installations in Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Peru and Mexico.

Josep Domènech – Technical Director – Partner
Responsible for managing engineering projects in textiles and automotive, with 30 years experience. Specializing in air handling (HVAC, humidification, filtration, aspirations and smoke vents). Extensive knowledge to efficiently develop and deliver projects economically attractive alternatives and solutions to our customers, in air handling problems on site.
Domingo Cera – Project Manager
Studies in Industrial Mechanical Engineering. Responsible for management and development of engineering projects facilities fluids. 25 years experience in Engineering (INTOR – INGENIERIA TORRELLA – CPQ INGENIEROS – GECSA). Extensive knowledge of technical regulations for the implementation of specific regulations for facilities (RITE, RTBT, APQ, NFPA, etc..). Training on calculation of industrial facilities.